Transform Mobility with Knee Replacement Services at Hill View Hospital in Ranchi

Transform Mobility with Knee Replacement Services at Hill View Hospital in Ranchi


If we can move freely without pain, we can embrace the gift of life.

But if our knees start eroding with growing age, injury, or medical conditions, we might lose the fun.

Contact Hill View Hospital and Research Centre for knee replacement services if you or anyone around is suffering from knee woes.

Knee Replacement restores your ability to move with a quality of life. In this blog, we will comprehend knee replacement, its types, procedures, and the beyond-surgery mobility approach by Hill View Hospital and Research Centre.

Understanding Knee Replacement

Athletes and seniors are highly prone to knee problems. However, unfortunate falls, accidents, and degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are also capable of causing severe damage to the knees.

Damaged and worn knee joints affect regular activities like standing, walking, running, and sitting, causing unbearable pain. In such situations, knee replacement helps to relieve the pain and restore our functionality with moving.

Knee Arthroplasty is commonly known as Knee Replacement. It involves a medical procedure where an Orthopedic surgeon replaces some or all the knee joints with artificial joints (prostheses) made of metal and plastic, depending on the intensity of the problem, to improve mobility without pain.

Orthopedics thoroughly assesses the knees to gauge the ideal knee replacement services you require.

Different Types of Knee Replacement Procedures

There are three different types of knee replacements, depending on the injury or problem.

  1. Total Knee Replacement:
  2. The orthopaedist replaces the entire joint, including tibial, femoral, and patellar components. Patients who have arthritis and intense injuries deal with total knee replacement.

  3. Partial Knee Replacement:
  4. A partial knee replacement involves replacing only one part of the knee joint, either inner or outer, depending on the damage. In this type, patients experience recovery quicker due to the possibility of preserving healthy tissues.

  5. Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement:
  6. This replacement involves advanced techniques involving specialised instruments and giving a minor cut. Best for reducing surgical trauma with unexpected recovery possibilities.

Hill View's Expertise in Performing Knee Replacement Services

Knee replacements are always best done by qualified and expert orthopaedic surgeons. Hill View Hospital in Ranchi offers firm commitment by delivering exceptional orthopaedic care for knee replacement surgeries.

Expert orthopaedic surgeons ensure seamless surgical procedures with the highest quality care and positive outcomes.

The profound approach to understanding each patient's journey distinguishes us from other institutions. There is an unwavering commitment to constant support from initial diagnosis to post-surgery.

The Orthopedics division at Hill View Hospital focuses on restoring mobility by ensuring a painless and improved life.

  • Personalised Care Journey

  • The Hill View Hospital in Ranchi provides a personalised care journey for knee replacement surgery, prioritising comfort and well-being.

    The treatment journey can be bifurcated into several vital stages; each carefully planned and implemented for a smooth experience.

  • Pre-surgery Consultations and Assessments

  • The journey starts with in-depth consultations and assessments before the surgery.

    Every patient undergoes a meticulous evaluation focusing on their knee condition, medical history, and overall health.

    The Orthopedic team evaluates the assessments to create a tailored treatment for specific needs while keeping the patients well informed for the following procedural steps.

  • Surgery Day Procedures and Considerations

  • Hill View's expert surgical team is highly experienced in knee replacement surgeries. The experts believe in assuring the patients of their safety and a positive procedure on the day of surgery.

    The procedure is precisely curated with comfort and safety at the top, ensuring necessary precautions for a successful operation.

    The team utilises their expertise to replace the damaged parts of the knee joint with perfectly made implants. To alleviate surgical trauma, the surgeons at Hill View Hospital can use minimally invasive techniques whenever required.

  • Post-surgery Rehabilitation and Follow-up Care

  • At Hill View Hospital, the knee replacement services start with assessments and surgery, but it goes beyond these two stages. Once the orthopaedic team performs the surgery, they create a rigorous rehabilitation program per the patient's conditions.

    This plan involves physical therapy and exercise as an integral part of your recovery. The treatment and activities restore the newly placed joints' strength, flexibility, and mobility.

    The rehabilitation team monitors the post-surgical progress and customises the plan accordingly.

    Routine check-ups are performed to track the healing progress, identify and address concerns, and recommend consistent improvement.

Beyond Surgery: Holistic Approach to Mobility

The Hill View Hospital focuses on creating a patient-hospital bond that starts with the surgical suite and extends until post-surgical care, ensuring perfect well-being.

Each doctor and nursing staff believes in providing lasting mobility and an improved lifestyle. Together they work diligently for the surgery, physiotherapy, pain management and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Physiotherapy

  • For a perfect recovery from knee replacement surgery, it is advised to follow a structured physiotherapy program. The skilled physiotherapists at Hill View Hospital design a personalised program that helps to regain strength and generates different motions in the newly placed joint.

    Physiotherapy sessions always sync with your progress, intensifying safety and effective recovery. The experienced Physiotherapist at Hill View motivates the patient to actively participate in their healing process for ultimate mobility and functioning.

  • Pain Management

  • Despite less chronic pain, it's natural to experience some discomfort during recovery. But it would help if you worried, as the body reacts to the surgical procedure and its ability to adjust to the newly placed joints.

    The disciplined team at Hill View works for a personalised pain management plan, including medications and localised treatments to reduce post-surgical pain.

  • Lifestyle Adjustments

  • A knee replacement empowers the knee joints to move freely without discomfort, just like you used to. For an enhanced and embracing experience, it is always good to adopt some lifestyle adjustments for a longer and more effective result.

    A maintained weight and healthy engagement in less intense exercise by practising proper joint care.

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The process starts with a single and simple step for a life filled with pain-free mobility. Hill View Hospital and Research Centre is dedicated to guiding every patient with knee problems. They provide expert knee replacement services with a thorough approach to covering every aspect of your treatment.

Hill View has emerged as a leading hospital in understanding the complexities of knee replacement and, at the same time, restoring the ability to move through a pain-free procedure.

The hospital team always celebrates the victories with the patients, stands against the challenges, and lives the transformation along with the patients.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a life without the limitations of knee pain? Whether you're seeking information, consultations or looking to embark on your transformative journey, we invite you to contact us.